Book Therapy for parents - automatic payment every month

890,00 CZK
Book Therapy for parents - automatic payment every month

Book Therapy for parents - automatic payment every month

890,00 CZK
Automatic subscription
How Subscription Works

The Blue Package will be sent to you every month, payment will be made automatically from the credit card according to the package you have selected. Either every month or every 6 or 12 months.
No obligation, no barriers, change or cancel service at any time and without delay yourself.
Secure payment is via PayPal's Braintree gateway.
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You already have a mental diet for children, so it's high time for you! It works exactly like your children's package, only the topics of the books differ. And we'll send them to you in the same package as the children's books, so you'll all be happy.

  • Each month, our curators select one or two books full of stimuli, new ideas and unexpected inspirations devoted to enriching topics, such aspersonal development, psychology, global topics, business, sustainability, health ...
  • Unbound. If you want to interrupt, cancel or change the service, you can do it anytime and without sanctions either in the dinosaur portal or directly with us - by mail, chat or phone.
  • If you reach the order by the 15th day of the month, you will receive the first package at the end of the month. If after the 15th, we will not be able to send the package until next month.
  • We select books mainly in English, when we come across quality Czech, we can add it from time to time.
  • We only select the latest books, but if you happen to have a book at home, we will exchange it for another in Book Therapy.
  • Is it too intense for you every month? We can send books only every other month.