Flowers and Dinosaurs University is the first digital product Book Therapy, a select Prague bookstore. A bookstore that sells a narrow portfolio of curatorial books and offers a unique experience in form VIP therapy at AirBnb Experiences.

Behind the project

  • Peter and George Cauder, Book Therapy bookshop owners, four-year-old Lukas parents, a design project Linden and event agencies Select Agency
  • Vlaďka Hlaváčková, a lifelong lover of all writing, an irrepressible book shop, a mother of three (differently) enthusiastic readers, a tax specialist and a yoga instructor
  • PhDr. Vlasta Rezková, child psychologist with 25 years of experience and experience at Prague Pedagogical Psychological Advisory

We are not a virtual service. You can find us on the phone, mail, or personally every day except Sundays at our Book Therapy offices.


: 225 379 472



Tax ID CZ 068 38 731
Flowers & Dinosaurus Ltd.
Monthly 1843, 252 28 Cernosice
Case number C 289910 filed at the Municipal Court in Prague

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