Education and independence. The best you can give your children today.

Every month we send your child two books that will develop his or her personality so that it will not be lost in the future. In addition to imaginative and non-violent education, you also get a meaningful, fun and great opportunity to be together.

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1. Choose membership by child age

With the psychologist we are preparing the program so that all children from 0 to 8 years can handle it.

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2. We will select books for you, pack them and send them

Two books will develop your little treasure every month.

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3. Enjoy a great moment together

We want you and your children to spend time that will please you and entertain and develop.

Dozens of scientific studies and UNICEF experts confirm that the first 1000 days are the most important in life.

What the children adopt at that time can do it forever. What not, it will be hard to catch up with the rest of life.

When you want to engage in your children's education

We do not want to replace schools. But we want to develop knowledge of them and open up new horizons that are overlooked.

Good time is the one without the display

With books, you support the curiosity, concentration, imagination and independence of the child.

You will pass on the best of yourself

Every month the courier brings you a great opportunity to be together, not just in one room.

Sign up for Flowers & Dinosaurs University

Our goal is not to sell books. You would certainly be able to choose yourself. Our specialty is to select books for you and your descendants to develop their childhood personality. We know the best books from around the world and we are looking for more. With a child psychologist, we find topics that open up horizons, teach children to respond to complex situations and familiarize them with areas they will have to solve once. And yet we remember their age.
0-3 years
3-5 years
6-8 years
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You don't have to worry about age choice. It always depends on how you discuss the topic with the child and you can always change the age group.

They wrote about us

The experts are responsible for the selection

All books are selected by experienced curators and guaranteed by a child psychologist PhDr. Vlasta Rezková.

No commitment

Whenever you change your mind, you can stop university from your next payment. We always charge the first in a month.

You're helping others

For every 10 months we'll send a book with us Health Clowns. Delight small patients.

Just new, quality and inspirational books

How do we choose books for our university? We go to trade fairs, look for news, take over just printed books directly from printers. And we also choose topics you might not reach. This is how we push the boundaries of every child and yours. Even at the age of three, you can talk to him about politics or racism. Just to open his head and support him with a strong person with an opinion instead of a shouting ghost. You will see that he will enjoy it. And you too.
When you do not want to rely solely on the educational system of Maria Theresa
If you don't want your child to manipulate fake news
If you do not want your child to choose according to who the donut just got from

Titles are not important. Why we chose them, yes.

To not buy a hare in a bag, look at a few books from previous packages.

  • Easy Peasy, Gardening for Kids

    Beautiful graphics, great content. It is also necessary to understand to success and a strong strong personality that some things will not happen from hour to hour. That everyday work, care, concern is needed. And finally, only a few peas will grow ... This in turn teaches children to realize the value of food and work. Much more effective than old school discussions about food waste.

  • Ocean, Héléne Druvert

    The issue of environmental pollution does not have to sound as eco-terrorist as it unfortunately usually sounds. With this book, you can explain on specific cases to children how the ocean works and how it affects our inland life. And when your child notifies you that the plastic ear bar is not the best, you can tick off one of the important points as fulfilled.

    The high quality of the book's art is self-evident. But thanks to it, the theme is so engaging for children.

Every month we send books through 1000 that develop the skills of hundreds of children. Even the children of our ambassadors.

For our children, we are the guides of the great world. It is important for me to show them things that have a soul.

... I like that Flowers & Dinosaurs take my children's books for me every month and choose to send us home.

Do you know when I am happiest? When my children volunteer to read. Then I walk around them and I do not ask for anything ...

Why are we doing all this? Because the Czech Republic needs a new self-confident and educated generation!

We are her first step

  • We can say our manifesto, but it's much easier. It's the goal of choosing each book. To contribute to what every child will be. >>

  • - Critically think and not manipulate,
    - will respect nature and listen to it
    - will not just "work" but really do something
    - Will be able to live in an environment that we now don't even know >>

  • - Use artificial intelligence to your advantage
    - will be able to talk about unpleasant things, too
    - will not ignore history and learn from it
    - moves the Czech Republic to the world level
    - and then he can responsibly educate the next generation.

For whom Flowers & Dinosaurs is not

For parents who want books to get rid of children.
For parents who think that only school and kindergarten will solve their education for them.
For parents who do not want independence for their children.
For parents who are afraid of destroying the books.
For parents who don't want to spend time with their children.
For parents who do not read ... So they could not read here :)

JA Baťa: “Our success is in a Czechoslovakian man. In that we have freed him from the status of manorial worker, proletarian, and outcast crouched behind the stove. We made him a world-citizen, a man who is not afraid of people and the world, and who is aware of what he can do because he wants to do it. "