Education and independence. The best you can give your children today.

Every month we send your child two books that will develop his or her personality so that it will not be lost in the future. In addition to imaginative and non-violent education, you also get a meaningful, fun and great opportunity to be together.

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1. Choose membership by child age

Together with the psychologist, we prepare the program so that all children from 0 to 8 years of age can handle it.

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2. We will select books for you, pack them and send them

Two books will develop your little treasure month after month.

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3. Enjoy a great moment together

We want you to spend time with your children that you will enjoy and have fun and develop.

Apply to Flowers & Dinosaurs University

Our goal is not to sell books. You would definitely be able to choose for yourself. Our specialty is to choose books for you and your offspring to develop their childhood personality. We know the best books from around the world and are looking for more. With a child psychologist, we find topics that open horizons, teach children to respond to complex situations and introduce them to areas that they will one day have to deal with. And yet we remember their age. You don't have to worry about age choices. It always depends on how you discuss the topic with your child and you can always change the age group.
0-3 years
3-5 years
6-8 years
8 years or more
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Titles don't really matter. Why we chose them, yes.

Titles from the Flowers & Dinosaurs packages grow with the child. Today he will look at the pictures, in a year he will read the text himself and who knows, in two years he will solve the mystery before the main character of the book. And to avoid buying rabbits in a sack, take a look at a few books from previous packages.

  • The Book of Dirt

    He wants a somewhat smelly and somewhat fragrant history of hygiene
    everyone can read it, not just children between 6 and 8 years old, for whom we have prepared it in a package. In addition to Piotr Socha's great illustrations, here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about where to go on the small side and the big side, what a space shuttle bathroom looks like or why it's good to get a good sweat every once in a while.

  • Hop, Hop!

    Thanks to the colorful and funny book for children up to 3 years old, our youngest students find themselves on an adventurous journey during which they discover the entire animal kingdom together with the rabbit. Along the way, they can slide, pull out and flip different parts of the book, practicing fine motor skills and coordination, learning animal sounds and exploring their environment. What else could you wish for?

  • Balloon to the Moon

    With a poetically tuned and magically illustrated book, which
    is Baloon to the Moon, children who received it from us in the age category package 3-5 years can go to bed. Children will especially love this book because of the soft, huggable illustrations and verse story, and you will love it for its ability to lull your little ones before they can even whisper their name.

  • My cup of art

    We all have our favorite cup or mug, with an ear,
    earless, full or empty. And children aged 6-8 years also have a cup of art from us! A great pop-up book, presenting in an interactive and visually stunning form the personalities of art culture and their work - from van Gogh to Kandinsky to Jajoi Kusama. Maybe this cup is their most popular ever.

The first 1000 days are the most important in life

Confirmed by dozens of scientific studies and experts from UNICEF.

When you want to engage in your children's education

We do not want to replace schools. But we want to open up new horizons that remain overlooked.

Good time is the one without the display

Thanks to books, you support the child's curiosity, concentration, imagination and independence.

You will pass on the best of yourself

Every month, the courier will bring you a great opportunity to be fully together, not just in one room.

Manifesto Flowers & Dinosaurs

We can call it our manifesto, but it's much simpler. It is the goal with which we choose each book. As a contribution to what each child will be:
- will think critically and will not allow himself to be manipulated,
- will respect nature and listen to it,
- he won't just "makat", but he will really do something,
- will be able to live in an environment we have no idea about now
- Use artificial intelligence to your advantage
- will be able to talk about unpleasant things as well as pleasant ones,
- will not overlook history and learn from it, 
- will move the Czech Republic to world level, 
- and then he can responsibly raise the next generation.

What can you find in the package?

- 2-3 top category books
- a package that makes books a gift and a surprise every month
- An email with a detailed description of the books to help you with the correct interpretation of the story
- we will deliver the package either by courier directly to the home or we will prepare it for personal collection at Book Therapy in Prague (Římská 35, Vinohrady) and Brno (Zelný trh 10)

We will advise you

"Whether you need to change your delivery address or age category, or you want to gift a subscription to someone close to you, I'm here for you. I probably won't fulfill all of your life's wishes, but I certainly will, and I'm happy to."


The experts are responsible for the selection

All books are selected by experienced curators and guaranteed by the child psychologist PhDr. Vlasta Rezková. 

No commitment

Whenever you change your mind, you can terminate the university from the next payment. We always charge the first of the month.

You're helping others

Through the project Difficult21 we regularly donate children's books to single women. Join us and help as well.

Just new, quality and inspirational books

How do we choose books for our university? We go to trade fairs, look for news, take over just printed books directly from printers. And we also choose topics you might not reach. This is how we push the boundaries of every child and yours. Even at the age of three, you can talk to him about politics or racism. Just to open his head and support him with a strong person with an opinion instead of a shouting ghost. You will see that he will enjoy it. And you too.
When you do not want to rely solely on the educational system of Maria Theresa
If you don't want your child to manipulate fake news
If you do not want your child to choose according to who the donut just got from

Package 0 - 3 years

Interactive, audio or light books often appear in the package for the little ones, thanks to which children learn a lot not only about the outside world, but also about the inside. They can practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, recognize colors and sounds, wake up and fall asleep with books. You can be there, or you can enjoy your coffee in peace, because the children are taken care of.

Package 3 - 5 years

We like to fill the packages for this age group with inspiring, beautifully visually processed stories and various playful notebooks that you simply pack with you on your travels, so that they often don't even sound once
the question: "When will we be there?". Thanks to books, children have the opportunity to develop imagination, creativity, skill and promote understanding, courage or patience.

Package 6 - 8 years

Schoolchildren and preschoolers receive books from us with a really wide range
a range of topics. If they are interested in culture and historical events, medicine, architecture, fashion, or simply want to be able to identify with their literary heroes, we are fully available. You can then talk for hours about the newly acquired knowledge.

Package 8 years and above

Children in the upper grades of the first grade of elementary school already have certain preferences in their choice of books, but fortunately, broadening their horizons has no limits. That's why we provide these students with books that are surprising, revealing and inspiring, as well as entertaining and readable. We guarantee a number of extraordinary experiences for all members of the household!

Package for parents

When you already have a mental diet for children, there is no doubt
time for you. We send curated books covering a range of diverse areas - personal development, psychology, sustainability, business, global social issues, or even the quite intimate. The form does not lag behind the content, you can receive non-fiction, but also prose or poetry.

How it all goes

Subscribe to Flowers & Dinosaurs step by step

You will order a package according to the age of your child.


Our curators select two to three books each month. We choose from the news of the best publishers.


We will pack the books and send them to your home, to work, or wherever it suits you, we will send you a link to track the shipment.


The day before delivery, we will send you an email describing the books and the reasons why we selected them. To direct you a little.


Books that you happen to already have can be exchanged without speech in Book Therapy.


Let us know when your child grows up or if you want to change your delivery address, just for the holidays.

Every month we send books through 1000 that develop the skills of hundreds of children. Even the children of our ambassadors.

Do you know when I'm happiest? When my children read voluntarily. Then I walk around them on tiptoes and don't ask for anything from them ...

... I like that Flowers & Dinosaurs will responsibly select children's books for me every month and send them home.

For our children, we are guides to the big world. It is important for me to show them things that have a soul.

Education and independence of the child for the price of two dinners

- Careful selection of the best from our market and abroad, two to three books a month.
- The value of overlapping books - books that have as educational as entertaining content and in which aesthetics have not played the second fiddle.
- Original packaging, which means a gift and a beautiful surprise every month.
- Personal email with the current selection in your package.
- Prompt support, eg for combination packages, other membership arrangements or individual wishes.

Why are we doing all this? Because the Czech Republic needs a new self-confident and educated generation!

And we are her first step.

For whom Flowers & Dinosaurs is not

For parents who want books to get rid of children.
For parents who think that education will be solved for them only by school and kindergarten. 
For parents who do not want independence for their children. 
For parents who are afraid that the child will destroy the book.
For parents who do not want to spend time with their children. 
For parents who don't read… So they couldn't even read here :)

JA Baťa: “Our success is in Czechoslovak man. In that we liberated him from the position of a lord's worker, a proletarian and an outcast crouched behind a stove. We have made him a world citizen, a man who is not afraid of people and the world and who is aware of what he can do, because he wants to prove it. "

The road to independence begins here

0-3 years
3-5 years
6-8 years
8 years or more
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