A university that makes children strong and independent

Two books each month develop your baby while creating a meaningful and wonderful opportunity to be together. For all (children) personalities from 0 to 8 years and parents who want more.

Select a program

Yes, university. Because two books per month selected according to your study plan will really teach your child a lot.

And, moreover, in a completely natural and non-violent way that children and parents love.
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Choose the areas you want to develop

You can select one or more. Choose according to what the kid needs, what is good in, and also according to the values you value.

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Curators'll find the best books for you

Together with a child psychologist, we have created a comprehensive program that will promote the development of a child's personality in the long term.

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Smile, we send the package every month

It will not happen that you will forget about the daily routine for your children's education. You can enjoy their joy when unpacking.

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You will enjoy wonderful moments

This program is not just about developing children. It's also aimed at you and spending your time with the kids who will have fun and get you to do it.

  • You develop the potential of your child from the very youngest age

    A very pleasant form that is fun for you and your offspring.

  • You teach a child to spend time well, without linking to the addictive display

    Thanks to books, you support curiosity, concentration, imagination and autonomy.

  • You do not have to take care of anything

    We will go through thousands of books for you, we will choose the right ones for your child's age, sex and development, and we will not forget to deliver them directly to you every month. We'll solve everything.

  • You will spend quality time together

    Every month the courier will make you happy and bring a great opportunity to be really together, not just in the same room.

Flowers & Dinosaurs University offers four programs that consistently develop your child's personality.

In one membership, you can subscribe to one or more topics that build your two-book package.
1. Creativity

It is supported along with fantasy and imagination.

2. Logic

Development of structure and analytical skills.

3. Ethics

Life values, respect and differentiation of good from evil.

4. Positivity

Ability to address challenges in a positive way.