Why should I buy books with you and not with Amazon?

Do you prefer Amazon? Cool, it's a great eshop. Flowers & Dinosaurs University is not a bookshop eshop. It is an educational program for all who see value in the following areas: a comprehensive program prepared by child psychologists to develop selected areas of childhood personality. In curriculum selection and testing of books, you will not have to talk about thousands of books in Amazon and reduce the shots next to you, books that you may not like. And last but not least, that we will remind you every month that it is time for you and your child and you will not forget to book it. You know very well how fast the time is running.

How can I guarantee that books are really good?

How can I cancel a service? Do I have to pay any cancellation fees? Is the service a commitment?

Are not two books a lot a month?

In what age group should I place my child and why do you really want to know the age?

Do I have children in more age groups, how should I do?

When will I get the first package?

How does a credit card subscription work?

Why is some of the books in English? I want to speak Czech for my child.

Do you pick other books for boys and girls?

How do I get to the customer portal?

Traffic - where do you send packages and how much does it cost?