When will I get the first package?

It depends on when you order the service. We always send packages at the end of the month to all those who paid by the 15th day of the month. So if you order the first package on June 12, for example, we will send you the first package at the end of June. The next payment will take place on the first of July and we will send another package at the end of July. It is usually between the 25th and 28th day.

Why should I buy books with you and not with Amazon?

How can I guarantee that books are really good?

How can I cancel a service? Do I have to pay any cancellation fees? Is the service a commitment?

Are not two books a lot a month?

Do I have children in more age groups, how should I do?

How does a credit card subscription work?

Why is some of the books in English? I want to speak Czech for my child.

How do I get to the customer portal?

Traffic - where do you send packages and how much does it cost?